Boujou no Tsumi

Song: Boujou no Tsumi (棒状の罪; Rod Shaped Sin)
Lyrics: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Music: Nakahara Nobuo (中原信雄)

“Boujou no Tsumi” is a song released by YAPOOS and included on their second album Dai Tenshi no You ni as track #4. The song was later included on their first best album YAPOOS Best as track #8.

棒状の罪 – Boujou no Tsumi/Pole-Shaped Sin

With pathos brewing in you, you take the pole-shaped sin like a deadly weapon
And wail inside me, the pitch-black night like the waves in a storm
To be human is itself a sin
The Original Sin burns in a timeless secret room—heat and humidity


The night is a beast that knows nothing of morality or logic
We hungered for it so and became something shameless and inhuman
Oh, Augustinus’ voice is condemning us
Oh, we who insatiably lay sin upon sin

credit: foxy rhythms

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