Charlotte Sexeroid no Yuutsu

Song: Charlotte Sexeroid no Yuutsu (シャルロット・セクサロイドの憂鬱; Charlotte Sexeroid Blues)
Lyrics: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Music: Lion Merry (ライオンメリィ)
Arrangement: YAPOOS

“Charlotte Sexeroid no Yuutsu” is a song released by YAPOOS and included on their fifth album HYS as track #4. It is a sequel to their song “Barbara Sexeroid“.

シャルロット・セクサロイドの憂鬱 – Charlotte Sexeroid no Yuutsu/Charlotte Sexeroid Blues

Silver heatproof suit diffuses reflection
Nails made of duralumin
Code number on the right pupil
No more dirty work
Barbara’s against Me
But the new century can’t defend that robot principle
Got to escape into outer space
Old types are being destroyed
There’s a detonator in my brain
I’m a machine with no rights
A hundred,no eternal solitude
Life in an empty rocket
But still,I decided to live
The digital indication’s in countdown
Going to be destroyed in the atmosphere
Don’t know why I tried to live
Not knowing,going into the stratosphere
I’ll bet on the most largest,unfathomable miracle
I’ll bet that the one who makes contact
Will come for me
A hundred,no eternal solitude
Inside an empty rocket
But still,I decided to live

credit: a geocities site

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