Kondoru Gaton Dekuru

Song: Kondoru Gaton Dekuru (コンドルが飛んでくる; The Condor is Flying)
Lyrics: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Music: Hirasawa Susumu (平沢進)
Arrangement: Hirasawa Susumu (平沢進)、YAPOOS

“Kondoru Gaton Dekuru” is a song released by YAPOOS and included on their fourth album Dadada ism as track #9.

コンドルが飛んでくる – Kondoru Ga Ton Dekuru/The Condor Has Flown

My gambling was out of control and my family came to stop me
I thanked them but then I gave them the slip, and I just ran and ran
Over the hills and through the valleys
To a place where I was knee-deep in swamp

Blindly, full speed ahead, into the desert wasteland
Naked as the day I was born, I just ran and ran
Which way should I go now
To a place where I don’t know if it’s morning or night

Hateful voices, happy voices
Showered with jeers and praise, I just run and I run

Running barefoot
When my naked feet are on the rocks, I move with my naked arms
My naked feet are stained with blood, my naked arms are cut
My naked feet float in the air, my naked arms grow thick with feathers
When my naked feet dance in the air, I flap my giant wings

credit: Alex Fyffe

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