Kyokuto Ian Shoka

Kyokuto Ian Shoka (極東慰安唱歌; Far Eastern Comfort Songs)
Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Higako Takao (比賀江隆男)
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Arrangement: (吉川洋一郎、飯尾芳史)

“Kyokuto Ian Shoka” is a song released by Togawa Jun Unit and included on her third album Kyokuto Ian Shoka as track #9.


Kyokuto Ian Shoka (極東慰安唱歌)
Found on Kyokuto Ian Shoka album as track #9. This is the original version.
Found on Tokyo no Yaban album as track #8. This is a remix of the original version.

Transcribed from generasia. Credit by Pikirumuzu.

極東慰安唱歌 – Kyokuto Ian Shoka/Far East Consolation Song

Waving the flag of the cherry country
Tariatta, Tariatta, Tariatta
A stranger stops me
And I call out your name
Say, where is that cloud going
On top of that small hill
Tariatta, Tariatta, Tariatta
When I was spanked for being naughty
I called out your name
Say, when is this rain gonna stop

Translated by deadgrandma on

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