Mushi no Onna

Mushi no Onna (蛹化の女; Pupating Woman)
Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Kunimoto Yoshihiro (国本佳宏)

“Mushi no Onna” is a song released by Togawa Jun and included on her first album Tamahime-sama as track #9. The song uses Pachelbels song Cannon.


Mushi no Onna (蛹化の女)
Found on Tamahime-sama album as track #9. This is the original version.
Found on Tokyo no Yaban album as track #6. This is a remix of the original version.
Punk Mushi no Onna (パンク蛹化の女)
Found on Tokyo no Yaban album as track #12. This is a punk remix of the original version.

Transcribed from generasia. Credit by Pikirumuzu.

Moonlight in the white forest
In all of the trees
Cicadas emerge from their chrysalises
Ah ah, ah ah

And so, as thoughts of you run through my head,
my body reaches the final stage of transformation
Moonlight in the frozen forest
Sipping sap, I am an insect woman

All of a sudden
when you notice me
amber fills me up
The girl who changed into an insect,
a parasite in the strange grass,
grows stems of sadness from her amber back

* * *


変り果てた私の姿 — lit. “My form, that has ceased to change”
蛹化, although pronounced “mushi” (insect) in the title, can also be pronounced “youka,” and it means “pupation.”

translate by Alex Fyffe

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