Namida no Mechanism

Namida no Mechanism (涙のメカニズム; Mechanism of Tears)
Saeki Kenzo (佐伯健三)
Tachikawa Yoshio (立川芳雄)
Other Information
Arrangement: YAPOOS

“Namida no Mechanism” is a song released by Togawa Jun with YAPOOS and included on their live album Ura Tamahime as track #5. This is the only song on the album that has not been studio recorded yet.

Transcribed from generasia. Credit by Pikirumuzu.

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  1. Pikirumuzu says:

    Please credit me, i was the one who made all the generasia edits on her wiki page. It took me so long to do those pages.

    • junko says:

      I am sorry for transcribing your edits without asking your permit. I will add your credit info on the pages in these days. Thank you for your great contribution!

  2. apkt says:

    The lyrics on this page are incorrect.
    Describe the correct lyrics of the lyrics card being uploaded.

    悲しいもの それはあなたの沈黙
    切ないもの それはわたしの言葉よ
    広がる虹彩 若葉の光
    涙腺を浸す エンプティ エンプティ エンプティ

    90度 45度 火星の運河よ

    時の止まるような 思いをさせないで
    反射的 日常生活してる
    揺らぐ硝子体 電車が通る
    涙のうにたまる リグレット リグレット リグレット

    70度 35度 幾何学模様ね

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