No Workshop

Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, Vocal: Susumu Hirasawa
Chorus: Jun Togawa

“No Workshop” is released by Susumu Hirasawa and included in his first solo album Water in Time in Space as track #5

  • CoyoteNo Workshop and Dune were composed for the unreleased P-MODEL album MONSTER. A live version of Coyote, performed by P-MODEL, at a faster pace than the studio version, was released on the The Physical Atlas Of Three Worlds/Human Body Map of Three Boundaries video; another live version, by Hirasawa and his live band, which incorporated carnival sounds, was released on the error CD album. The song follows the traditions of Hirasawa including Western-styled compositions on his first album trilogy; followed by Cowboy and Indian on The Ghost in Science and the title track on Virtual Rabit. The chorus on the P-MODEL version of No Workshop original backing vocals were sung by P-MODEL bassist/keyboardist Teruo Nakano, the version on this album has Jun Togawa singing the backing vocals on the chorus; the song was also performed live by P-MODEL, with the verse structures being different from the studio version, although not a single live version of their performance has been officially released, there are bootleg recording of the band performing this song; live versions by Hirasawa and his live band were included in the making of tokyo paranesianHIRASAWA error ENGINE – Hirasawa Three Acts in Three Hours~Lower and PHONON 2555 VISION videos and the error CD album. The P-MODEL version of “Dune” had no vocals and the title was originally Gen (げん?), meant as a provisory one; a live version of the song, performed by Hirasawa and his live band, was included on theerror CD album, another live version, performed by Hirasawa, Yasuhiro Araki and PEVO 1go was included in the PHONON 2555 VISION video.

Transcribed from wikipedia.

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