Umi Yakara

Umi Yakara (海ヤカラ; Seaside Boy)
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Arrangement: Yoshikawa Yoichiro (吉川洋一郎、飯尾芳史)

“Umi Yakara” is a song released by Togawa Jun Unit and included on her third album Kyokuto Ian Shoka as track #2.


Umi Yakara (海ヤカラ)
Found on Kyokuto Ian Shoka album as track #2. This is the original version.
Umi Yakara (海ヤカラ)
Found on Tokyo no Yaban album as track #2. This is a remix of the original version.

Transcribed from generasia. Credit by Pikirumuzu.

海ヤカラ – Umi Yakara/Seaside Boy

Who gave the place it’s funny name?
Don-don’s cabin
A place where pretty little kids
Can hide themselves away
sea-side boy… Don-don… soori ay soori

Come to Don-don’s cabin, oh
Come on, come this way
Come on over, you sea-side boy
Come let’s talk and play
sea-side boy… Don-don… soori ay soori

Falling in love with the sea-side boy
Can’t eat a thing all day
Sleeping out by the side of the road
What’ll my parent’s say?
sea-side boy… Don-don… soori ay soori

Things don’t seem to be working out
Losing my spirit it seems
Lost my home, nowhere to go
All that’s left are my dreams
sea-side boy… Don-don… soori ay soori

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