Song: Ijime (いじめ; Bully)
Lyrics: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Music: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Arrangement: YAPOOS

“Ijime” is a song released by YAPOOS and included on their fifth album HYS as track #7.

いじめ – Ijime/Bullying

They say if you’re beautiful inside
You’ll be beautiful outside, too
But whenever I look in the mirror
I see such a strange face

Every child ever born
Feels that they are beautiful
I don’t cry even when I’m bullied
That’s my redeeming quality

The morning light shines in
The sparrow’s sweet little singing voice
But I wish night would go on forever
Day after day there’s no escape

credit: Alex Fyffe


いじめ – Ijime/Bully

If your heart stays pure
They say you’ll be beautiful
When I looked into the mirror
I saw a funny face
I feel all born children
Are all beautiful
I won’t cry even if I’m bullied
That’s me
The light of the morning shines
The sparrows twitter so cute
I wish the night would last
These days without no exit

credit: a geocities site

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