Shounen A

Song: Shounen A (少年A; Boy A)
Lyrics: Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Music: Kouno Yuuichi (河野裕一)
Arrangement: YAPOOS

“Shounen A” is a song released by YAPOOS and included on their fifth album HYS as track #6.

少年A – Shounen A/Boy A

He was writing a composition for homework
Somehow his right hand was bleeding
His fingertips tense,the pencil
Makes a snappy noise and brakes,the sentence
It’s always been a secret
Revenge toward the society elaborated in the room
Dissatisfied with himself for he’s so weak
Writes the names of those he’s willing to kill
Pointed out to solve differential,integral calculus
When he stood in front of the blackboard with a chalk in his hand
His fingertips tense,the chalk
Makes a snappy noise and brakes,the symbol
Say he’s quite
But his fingers speak fluently
He took it on ƒÆ and ƒÁ
A small unconscious hysteria
Algebra Language Classics English Ethics Physics History Art
Earth Science Music P.E. Chemistry

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