Teinen Pushiganga

Teinen Pushiganga (諦念プシガンガ; Singing and Dancing Resignation)
Togawa Jun (戸川純)
Acosta Manuel Villafane
Fukuoka Yutaka (福岡豊)

“Teinen Pushiganga” is a song released by Togawa Jun and included on her first album Tamahime-sama as track #2.


Teinen Pushiganga (諦念プシガンガ)
Found on Tamahime-sama album as track #2. This is the original version.
Found on Tokyo no Yaban album as track #4. This is a remix of the original version.

Transcribed from generasia. Credit by Pikirumuzu.

Far away in the sky float clouds
Ah, the name of my love
Even such acts of atrocity
I cannot but merely forgive

You can kill me, as you would a cow or a pig
It is all right, as I am but a piece of flesh

Into the sky fades the midday cannon
Ah, my love has ended
So much love and hate
Has disappeared without a trace

Not even an moment for sorrow
I begin to rot
I am but a piece of flesh

translated by deadgrandma

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